Cantik Di Hati

Jangan kita terikat dengan dunia
semuanya hanya pinjaman semata-mata,
belajarlah untuk melepaskan segalanya
agar bila tiba masanya kita tidak akan gundah gulana"

Ambillah waktu untuk berfikir, itu adalah sumber kekuatan.
Ambillah waktu untuk bermain, itu adalah rahsia dari masa muda yang abadi.
Ambillah waktu untuk berdoa, itu adalah sumber ketenangan.
Ambillah waktu untuk belajar, itu adalah sumber kebijaksanaan.
Ambillah waktu untuk mencintai dan dicintai, itu adalah hak istimewa yang diberikan Allah s.w.t
Ambillah waktu untuk bersahabat, itu adalah jalan menuju kebahagiaan.
Ambillah waktu untuk tertawa, itu adalah muzik yang menggetarkan hati.
Ambillah waktu untuk memberi, itu akan membuat hidup terasa bererti.
Ambillah waktu untuk bekerja, itu adalah nilai keberhasilan.
Ambillah waktu untuk beramal, itu adalah kunci menuju syurga.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Guide to Better Health

Do you want to sleep well, protect your heart and drop a few kilos? it's easy if you tap into your body's natural rhythms.

Birds do it. Bees do it. Even blue-green bacteria do it. Tell time, that is thanks to internal clock that helps trigger migration, pollination and well all those things that bacteria do. What's even more surprising is that your body follows a clock, too, whether or not you wear a watch on your wrist. Your ability to get a good night sleep, your blood pressure and your stamina during exercise just about every biological process sticks to some kind of daily or seasonal rhythm. What that means? you can improve your health with barely any effort, if you know how to use the power of your body's daily, weekly and seasonal cycles. To feel better now, here the right time to action...

So guys and girls..
How to get the best medical care??
Firstly, you must have a cavity filled in the afternoon.

The pain killing effect of dental anaesthesia lasts longer in the afternoon than it does in the morning. In one study, lignocaine kept nerves numb up to five times longer when it was injected in the early afternoon compared to the early morning.

Second, Check your blood pressure in the morning and at night

As a general rule, blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day- it hits its lowest point around bedtime and its highest when you wake up in the morning, says Dr. J.David Glass, a circadian biologist at Kent State University of Ohio. If you're keeping an eye on your blood pressure to help your doctor decide whether you need medication, you could get an inaccurate picture by tacking your reading just once a day. Guys and girls taking the two readings could make the difference between your doctor prescribing blood pressure drugs and advising you to stick with diet and exercise.

Drop A few kilos
Weigh yourself on Friday and Monday
For those trying to lose weight, experts have long suggested stepping on the scales at least once a week- thats the habit of most member of the National Weight Control Registry in the US, every one of whom has taken off at least 13 kilos and kept it off for a year or more.
A new study from the Washington University School of Medicine ratchetc things up. Dieters tend to splurge on weekends, the research found but Friday weigh-in (especially done first thing in the morning, when your weight is lowest) provides positive feedback that can blunt the temptation to overeat, says lead study author Dr. Susan Racette. And getting back on the scales on Monday can help you correct your course quickly if you've strayed. She says.

Exercise in the evening

If you want to get fit faster, a late day workout is the most efficient way to go. Research by Dr. Micheal Deschenes an exercise physiologist at the College of Willian & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, shows that strength and endurance climb by about 5 percent between 4pm and 8pm, compared with morning hours, so you can push yourself harder. Your muscles are warmer, too, which will help you avoid injury.

Eat dinner earlier

Recent research supports the folk wisdom that eating at night is more apt to add the kilograms. In one study, researchers fed one group of mice during their normal waking hours and a second group when the animals usually slept. The mice that ate the wrong time gained more than twice as much weight. So, if you're doing everything right with your diet but you've not losing your weight, try having dinner an hour earlier.

Ok. Thats all for today. Hihihi..

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